Reason To Fall In Love

Reason To Fall In Love

What happen on you when somebody said that he/she loves you?

Got butterfly on yourstomach
Burst on yourheart
Suddenly become deaf
On your sight, all things around slow moving
Get empty for a while
Convince yourself that its not your surreal imagination
Get answer that’s what people called as awkward moment

Or maybe looking the reason why somebody should tell you that.
Because of yourcharacter? yourface? yourbrain? yourattitude?
Well..its not about admission of job or scholarship

Sometimes I still wondering why somenone could fall in love with other while couldn’t with another? A scientific reason I mean.

God the Only One who could shake our feeling. No exception for love.
Then..we just need pray to the God to make him/her falling in love, no?

Or perhaps you have another (better) answer ?

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